Our saga began over six weeks ago and involved Lisbon attorney Carmen De Souza, consultant John S Diak and our company - MX Properties, Inc. On 16/11/2016, MX Properties received a call from consultant, John Diak, regarding funding for its business that had been in process for some time. The purpose of Mr Diak's call to MX was to give a status update on the progress of the funding effort. During the call, Mr Diak informed us that all was well and on schedule, however, he informed us that the attorney regarding this matter made demand for an $11000 payment prior to the release of MX Properties' funds.

Upon this request from attorney Carmen De Souza to Mr Diak, MX Properties, in an effort to protect its interests asked for a confirmation in writing from Ms De Souza that its funds would be released upon receipt of the wire. So on 16/11/2016, MX Properties received a letter addressed to Mr Diak from Carmen De Souza which stated that upon payment of "fees", $5mm EURO would be released "immediately" to MX Properties, Inc. Though the "fees" were never specifically defined, MX Properties, in good faith, promptly wired $11000 to coordinates provided by attorney De Souza.

Two days later, MX Properties received a second letter addressed to Mr John Diak that stated that the "bank" had been "instructed" to process payment. At this point, we felt very comfortable and reassured now that we had completed the wire transfer and received written confirmation twice from Lisbon attorney Carmen De Souza that our funding would be concluded. 

Several days passed and MX Properties received none of the funds that it had been promised in Ms De Souza's letters, and further, no communication regarding its status was either received. MX then began vigorously attempting to contact Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza to ascertain the exact nature of the problem of the failure to complete funding. Approximately six weeks has now gone by and despite MX's continued efforts to contact Ms De Souza, we have received no communication in return. To MX Properties, Inc, this appears to be certain Fraud in the Inducement by virtue of attorney Carmen De Souza's letters.

If you or your business are searching for lawyers in Lisbon, please make sure that all references are checked prior to engaging.

All that MX Properties requests is that its funding be completed in good faith as it acted in good faith from the very beginning.